Four Benefits of Staining Your Deck

newly stained backyard deckOne of the most important choices a homeowner can make for their deck is whether or not to apply a finish to it, and if so, what type of finish to use. If you do decide to add a finish and paint isn’t for you, you still have the option to protect your deck with a stain. Here are some benefits of deck staining in Vancouver, WA, worth considering.

Improved Appearance
Applying a stain will highlight the beautiful wood grain of your deck. Stain is also available in a variety of tints and colors, so customization is still possible while you maintain the natural look of the wood your deck is constructed with.

Protection from Moisture
If the wood of your deck freezes after absorbing water in the colder months, it can begin to crack and cause costly damage. You can prevent the wood from taking in moisture by re-staining it periodically.

Prevention of Rotting
Any wood that is used in an outdoor setting is prone to rotting if not sealed. Not only does rot make your wood project unappealing, but it can also create the risk of collapse.

Ease of Use
It’s clear that leaving wood exposed outdoors without any coating can affect both its appearance and safety. When it comes to the choice between painting and staining your deck, there is no doubt that stain is easier to both apply and maintain. Stains can typically be applied without a primer, and are less susceptible to UV rays and deterioration from foot traffic. Even a deck that is regularly occupied should only need re-staining once every few years.

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